Luisella Woodpellet stove

Luisella Woodpellet stove


Efficiency94,4 – 91,9 %
Dimensions (W-H-D)572x892x307 mm
Net weight64 kg
Hourly consumption0,5 – 1 kg/h
Smoke outlet diameter80 mm
Feed box total capacity~ 10 kg
Energy LabelA+
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency80 % (ECODESIGN 2022


Features:• Hearth, fire door and brazier in cast iron • Shell and tube exchanger • Ash compartment • Hermetic tank • Upper room ventilation with dedicated motor • Reduced depth (slim) • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear, upper • Extractable hearth (only by authorized assistance) • Standard Equipment: 5-button remote control ; Led display

2,4-4,4 kWrated thermal input
126 m3heatable
Colour available in Black /Red side panels


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