Pellet stove suite from floor to ceiling, it has an adjustable top from 2650mm – 2800mm making it suitable for 9′ ceilings

Technical Data Features
Total introduced power: max 7.5 kW – min 3.4 kW Hand modelled steel coating
Nominal heat output: max 6.5 kW – min 3 kW 6mm Thick Top
Efficiency: Pmax 88.5% – Pmin 90.5% Forced ventilation
CO emission at 13% O2: Pmax 0,012% – Pmin 0,021% 5 operating power levels
Pellet consumption: max 1.6 kg/h – min 0.8 kg/h Removable handle
Reservoir capacity: 20 kg Telescopic Hood
Heatable room volume: 70 – 160 mc 20kg Pellet Tank
Minimum distances; front 1000mm Safety thermostat
Weight: 1466 kg Suitable for external thermostat
Complies with: EN14785 – BImSchV II – 15a B-VG – LRV/VKF Remote control: Included
Flue Outlet: Rear or Top WiFi; Optional


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