16″ Pryzm – Devotion Trim

16″ Pryzm – Devotion Trim



The 16” Pryzm inset electric fire will transform your home to a new level of contemporary living. The glorious 5D flame effect and loose logs create a new level of realism. Enjoy the 2kW heat output at your convenience with the 7 day programmable thermostatic remote control. With 3 flame effect styles and 5 brightness settings you will be sure to find your perfect mood.
The 16” Pryzm inset electric fire is available in many fascia designs, so if you are looking for a contemporary or classic style, you will be sure to find it. The 16” Pryzm will fit into a 75mm rebated surround when paired with the optional extra spacer frame.
There is a wide choice of metal fasciae on offer from Chrome, Black Nickel to Brass


5D flame effect
Rebate: 75mm (with spacer) / 145mm (without spacer)
3 flame colour settings
5 flame brightness settings
Remote control 7 day programmable thermostat
Hand painted, illuminated loose logs for realism
High definition flame performance
Glowing ember effect with miniature pebble fuel bed
Post flame smouldering smoke effect
Eco Design Compliant


Width: 510mm

Height: 605mm

Depth: 196mm


Finish: Black Nickel / Chrome / Brushed Steel / Brass

Engine: PRYZM-16

Control: Remote

Heat Output: Up to 2kW

Installation: Inset

Fire Front: Open

Inset Depth: 75mm (with spacer) / 145mm (without spacer)


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