Natural convection pellet stove is a type of flow that creates changes in ambient temperature,thus generates air movements gathering cold air flows and heating them up without any mechanical components for ventilation. Homogenous distribution and maximum silence guarantee the best comfort. with natural movement of heat meaning less noise

Technical Data Features
Total introduced power: max 10,5 kW – min 3.2 kW Natural convection with optional fan mode
Nominal heat output: max 9 kW – min 3 kW Ultra silent in natural convection mode
Energy efficiency class: A+ 5mm Steel Top
Efficiency: 96% Self cleaning burn pot
CO emission at 13% O2: Pmax 0,008% Un-burnt pellet recirculation
Pellet consumption: max 2.2 kg/h – min 0.7 kg/h Dynamic Flow Control System (DFCS)
Reservoir capacity: 15 kg Continuous auger motor for maximal silence
Heatable room volume: 160 – 220 mc Sealed stove-Hermetic combustion system
Minimum from Combustibles side 300 – back 150 – front 1000mm Removable ash tray for ash removal
Weight: 136 kg Removable handle
Cast Iron heating chamber 5 operating power levels
Stainless steel brazier Safety thermostat
Complies with: EN14785 – BImSchV II – 15a B-VG – LRV/VKF Suitable for external thermostat
Flue outlet: Top – Rear Remote control included
WIFI module for remote control: Optional


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