Justus Seeland Rotating Pedastal Stove

Justus Seeland Rotating Pedastal Stove

Justus Seeland

The Seeland Pedastal Stoves is a wood stove with a difference. The Seeland Pedestal Stove rotates 55 degrees from centre to the left and to the right, the flame picture will literally follow you around the room. This is an ideal feature in a large open area or between tow spaces. The Seeland is a top quality stove in the best traditions of German wood stoves.

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Product Description

Technical Data
Heat output: 6kw
Efficiency: 81.3% (EN13240)
Chimney: 6″ Top exit only
Weight: 90kw
Colour: Black
Minimum Clearances 200mm rear
800mm sides
800mm front

Fuels:Seasoned wood logs, wood briquettes, lignite brown coal briquettes, turf

Max log lenght: 300mm /12″


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