HÔTA Natural Marble Fireplaces

HÔTA Natural Marble Fireplaces

HÔTA delivers a range of products  that combine our vast experience with present technology and materials to deliver award winning products that complement the architectural qualities of modern living spaces.  All our hand-picked materials and resulting products are tested for durability, safety and efficiency. The emphasis of the HÔTA group of companies is on designing high quality products and backing them up with a similar quality of customer service and support

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Each Aegean Limestone Fireplace is manufactured from 100% natural material, and each one is unique due to variations in its subtle fossil formation, naturally occurring light veining and beautifully consistent colouring.

This dense, rich limestone from the quarries of Southern Turkey is wonderfully active on an intimate scale yet consistent from piece to piece when installed



Pietra Serena sandstone is a grey-coloured sandstone which is especially used in historic buildings in Tuscany.

Pietra Serena sandstone is synonymous with strength and elegance. It is often used to restore the paving of Italian historic centres, where the streets and the oldest and most prestigious buildings are clad in stone.