Pellet Stoves

  • Cerino 7.5kW Pellet stove

    Packing modernity and style into a small space, this is an object that can decorate your home with few details and a lot of character. Cerino is a small pellet insert stove with lots of power, heating up to 150 cubic meters, and which, with its simple design, is suitable for all spaces and furniture styles. It is easy to load: the tray for loading the tank can be opened with a simple gesture, whilst the pellets slide gently down the slope.

    Total heat output: max 7,5 kW – min 3,7 kW
    Nominal heat output: max 6,5 kW – min 3,3 kW
    Efficiency: Pmax 86% – Pmin 86,5%
    CO emission at 13% O2: Pmax 0,016% – Pmin 0,058%
    Pellet consumption: max 1,6 kg/h – min 0,8 kg/h
    Reservoir capacity: 12 kg
    Heatable room volume: 70 – 160 mc
    Minimum distances from flammable walls: side: 18 cm – bearing surface: 1 cm – back: 18 cm – front side: 100 cm
    Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
    Rated input power: 350 W
    Dimension: L 61,7 x P 46,3 x H 55,8 cm
    Minimum insert fixing hole size: L 60,7 x H 55,5 cm
    Weight: 73,9 kg
    Cast iron heating chamber: Steel
    Complies with: EN14785 – BImSchV II – LRV/VKF
    Remote control: Included
    GPRS module for switching on remotely: Optional
    WIFI module for remote control: Optional
    Support: Optional