About Us

Who We Are

Fitzstoves supply most major brands Hamco, Villager, Aarrow, Acr Stoves, Thorma stoves.  We also offer a huge range of electric, high efficient gas fires and pellet stoves.  All stoves supplied are of the highest standard and quality. We have every thing from a small room heater to boiler models that will heat you whole house. Here in Fitzstoves we also have a massive selection of fireplaces including marble, granite, wooden and cast iron. We have a range to suit all tastes from the traditional to the super trendy.  Fitzstoves  strive to give a top class service at a competitive price. They say a fireplace is the heart of your home let Fitzstoves be at the heart of your fireplace. Purchasing a new stove can be daunting so come in and let our expert staff take the hassle out of your purchase.